Friday, February 03, 2006

hi ho hi ho

I went back to work today after my snot-filled, mid-week vacation. Today has repeatedly felt like Monday; despite it's most certainly not being Monday.

I got the article done. Now it's waiting in an in-box awaiting PR approval. But, at least it's out of my hands.

Manda and I are having some friends over this weekend to watch the Super Bowl. We did this last year and had a really nice time. I couldn't tell you who even played in the Super Bowl last year, but I can tell you that the blueberry yogurt fruit dip Amanda made was a hit. I was asked today by a friend who's coming on Sunday "Will Amanda's World-Famous Fruit Dip be there?"

I'm really tired of coughing today. Thankfully I'm in a sound-proof office, so the rest of the company isn't sick of hearing me cough. I'm also sick of being clammy and cold from having a fever break at random intervals.

Maybe it's time to go home early.


ceymick said...

Dude, the Eagles were in the Super Bowl last year, and lost to the Pats. The PHILADELPHIA Eagles. Come on!

Bug said...

Yeah ... that's right. You see how I block out the trama that is Philadelphia and it's sports teams?

So sad ...