Wednesday, September 14, 2005

we can rebuild him

The G4 is dead, long live the G5.

Today's a happy day in the little hamlet of My Office. The new computer stuff is going well. This stuff takes forever, though. I'm so glad I don't have to do this frequently.

As of this week, I've been able to officially rule out IT Guy from my potential career paths.

Otherwise, not much going on. So little in fact, that it's take me 2 hours just to write this. (well, not two non-stop hours. I keep turning away from it and trying to think of something more entertaining to write about).

Netflix received our movies we mailed back to them, so the next two flicks (flix?) should be winging their way to us now. That makes me happy.

And Survivor starts on Thursday night. That makes me very happy. What a good little show.

I give up. I'm boring today.


rooni said...

You're not boring! You're bored. Big difference.

I'm also bored.. Nothing went on today except my stupid monthly report that takes so much tedious effort, intermingled with long stretches of me borededly watching the cat sleep. ;)

But now the report's done.. I'll go check it our next flix got delivered, or if there's anything else of interest in the mail.

Doh, we need lives.

rooni said...

No movies, just bills. Double doh.