Wednesday, September 07, 2005

oogie woogie

My dad was fond of giving his kids nicknames. When my brother and I were growing up, "Jesse" and "Ryan" were hardly used. Instead, I started out being called "Jess Beau" as in French for "Handsome Jess." Kinda' embarrassing to talk about, I guess. Anyway, that's what the name was.

At first, anyway. Over time, it morphed from Jess Beau, to Jess Bo, to Bo Dog, to Bo Dog Harlin Dog, to (I believe at last) Jess Bo Bo Dog Harlin Dog Doggy. This last name was usually said while picking me up in a bear hug and twirling me around some.

Ry was alternately "Ry Man" or "Ry Guy." The names seemed to calm down a little when we got older. When our sister was born, however, my dad's nicknaming returned in full-force from is long sabbatical. Somehow Kody became "Beauter." Beauter then became Beautius T. Beauter or Beautius Maximus.

Anyway, I say all of this because as I was driving into work today, I heard a commercial on the radio for I found it a little disappointing to discover that my nickname from my dad has become an online poker site.

Also of note:

- is the homepage for a theater in Nashville.
- And seems to give me a 403 Forbidden Error Message.

I guess the good news is that, so far,,, and don't seem to be taken.


EmoRiot said... is available, however. :-)

rooni said...

Actually [putting French Expert hat on], "Jess Beau" means "Jess Handsome," as beauty is pre-noun in French. So you could use "Jesse Handsome" as your spy name or something.

At first, I was going to say you could use "Jesse Handsome" as your porn name, but then.. I thought.. I don't want you to do porn. =(

So stick with the spy thing. Thanks! =D

Bug said...

Oh I will. : ) And anyway, Colin Cable is my Porn Name.

(middle name + first street you lived on = porn name)

That and my drag queen name are both good.

first pet's name + mom's maiden name = Moonfire Jones

Good stuff.