Tuesday, September 06, 2005

there's no way to understand it all

Amanda and I spent a large chunk of our weekend glued to the News, completely immersed in the stories of Katrina.

It's just so unfathomable down there. I heard so many things that just seem to defy any sense what so ever:

- Some female survivors weren't rescued because they wouldn't flash their rescuers their breasts.
- The New Orlean's police were taxed to the breaking point and started quitting and killing themselves.
- A sniper was shooting at doctors and patients as they tried to evacuated the destroyed Charity Hospital.

It's crazy. Hundreds of thousands of people have had their lives destroyed. Forced to leave Louisiana, some are now looking to settle into whereever it is they've been relocated to. It makes sense. How do you go back to nothing? When you have nothing, why not just start over whereever you are? Is it easier to just start over than to knock down and demolish the wreck of your old life and then start over?

By the way, did everyone else see that Barbara Bush thinks that the situation the poor are now in following Katrina is "working out well for them?" Insane.

All of this is insane.

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EmoRiot said...

For most regions, I understand that people would be quick to relocate to wherever they ended up. But Cajun people in the Bayou is one of our most preserved micro-cultures in the US. The generations upon generations that have been on that land seem unlikely, in my mind to permanently uproot and stay in Shreeveport.

People like Barbara Bush are appalling and one must remember that she raised our current President. Keeping in mind all those values which you can personally credit to your mother for giving you, comments like this one this weekend or her explaining how she couldn't watch early Iraq war coverage because she didn't want to trouble her "beautiful mind" with such things are all interesting windows into the value system that raised W.