Monday, September 19, 2005

the rebirth of Rebirth™

Today I downloaded and installed the Rebirth™ Refill for Propellerheads' Reason 3.0.

Hoo-nanny, I'm a happy composer.

To me, Rebirth was a far superior drum machine to Reason only because of the many user-created mods that existed.

After having their user base bitch about the lack of an OSX-version of Rebirth for years, Reason finally decided to become Super Awesome Gods of the World by releasing a Refill pack (a term here meaning "extra drum sounds", for those unfamiliar with Reason terminology) that contains all of the Rebirth User Mods ever hosted on the Propellerheads website.

So, anyway, I downloaded it, installed it, and started to reacquaint myself with some old friends; particularly the Red Stripe and Regulator mods. I love those two; used to use them all of the time.

So, I'm happy that Rebirth has risen from the ashes into a much cooler tool than it used to be. Because of the nature of Reason, now you can use just the samples you like from each of the Mods, instead of the whole thing - which means no more loading up one Mod just for that one cool noise mapped to F#4. Now you can create your own kit that includes it.

Ah, I'm a happy little MIDI programmer ...


EmoRiot said...

I still wish they had made an os x version of Rebirth or added 303s into Reason. For all the coolness in Reason, it was their physical modeling of the original 303 in rebirth that put the Propellerheads guys on the map. And people are still wishing for it. There's a bunch of refills out there that emulate the 303. Some are samples of 303s but you don't get the same sonic characteristics when you filter them. Some are Subtractor patches but their just similar waveform oscillations with similar filters. All fall way short of what Rebirth was in 1996, nearly 10 years ago. But kudos to them for bringing the drums back, I guess.

Bug said...

I found that I never really got into using the 303s. To each their own, though, I guess. To me, Rebirth was all about the kits.