Wednesday, September 28, 2005

it happened again

There are going to be a couple of people pretty pissed at me about this, but two events that have occurred repeatedly in my past just occurred again.

First off, my car registration expired. I don't know how it happened. The bill got away from me or something. I have a bad habit of forgetting about my registration and letting it lapse; it's an annoying thing that I've done repeatedly throughout my driving history. How did I find out? Well, as usual with this scenario, I got pulled over by the police on my way to work.

The thing is, the thing that's going to piss people off is that he actually pulled me over for speeding. I was going 46 in a 35 zone. He pulled me over, told me that I was going 11 miles over the speed limit and that my registration was expired. The officer then marched off to his patrol car, chatted on the radio for a bit, and then came back to tell me "I'm not going to give you a speeding ticket. I'm just going to give you a fix-it ticket for your registration. You have one month to get it fixed."

This might be the 4th or 5th time I've been pulled over for speeding and let off without a speeding ticket. I think the police keep letting me off because they look at my record and say "Hm. Well, he's never had a speeding ticket before. Must have just been a lapse in judgment."

I'm getting karmically nervous about it all, actually. I have a bad feeling that something out there is going to come along and bite me in the ass pretty severely just to make up for all of the times that I've gotten off without a scratch.

I'm nervous just writing this all down, in fact. Hopefully I can knock on some eWood and everything will be okay.


rooni said...

Dammit, Bug! >=P

I thought, "Wow, who's going to be pissed at him? And if it's going to piss people off, why write it down?" ... and then I realized that I was one of the pissed people.

Razzlefrazzleluckdragon. =P How do you do it?

And why don't you just pay your registration? =P I hope you don't also need to get your car smogged. That's a pain.

Bug said...

I wish I had answers for you. I don't know how I keep forgetting about my registration.

Back in July I got mail that said "Renew your registration." But we had just moved and a bill that wasn't due until September was the last of my concerns at that time. So, I set it aside. And I then forgot about it.

rooni said...

Helloooooo Online Bill Pay. =) Get a bill in July, tell Bill Pay to send the check in September. Awesome. (just a friendly reminder from your local Bill Pay Advocate)

phobucket said...

The green wind strikes again. Count me among those mildly Pee-Oad. How do you do it? I'm condidering never renewing my registration.