Monday, September 12, 2005

last few hurrahs

I've been spending the last few days backing up my computer onto DVDs so that I can replace it with a nice new computer.

See, my computer has always had problems. Lots and lots and lots of Kernel Panics. More than normal, and more than anyone has ever been able to figure out a cause for. We checked drivers, software updates, hardware compatibility, memory, Permissions, etc. You name it; we checked it.

The end result was that I came to simply see this computer as a home to Gremlins.

Anyway, here I am on the verge of being rid of this thing and its Gremlin-ridden carcass, and all I have to do is finish burning a few more DVDs.

What does it decide to do today? September Kernel Panic-athon 2005. It must have heard me telling Harrison that I was almost done and going to ditch it, because it's doing everything it can to crash as much as possible. It seems to really love crashing in the middle of burning discs now. So, not only do I have to reburn the disc, but ... well, I guess that's it. But still! It's annoying.

I'll finish soon and then it's "Smell you later, G4. Smell you now, G5."


rooni said...

I think it's weird that your Harrison link doesn't go to anything...

Bug said...

that is weird. I pasted into it a link for his Moby Games page.

I'll fix it.