Monday, September 26, 2005

busy as a ... seal! SEAL!!

Manda and I had a really busy weekend: a friend's wedding, a birthday party Sunday night, hanging with more friends Saturday night, helping other friends move some furniture Sunday morning, and - the only real "quiet" time we got to spend together - painting some pottery together at a Color Me Mine clone called All Fired Up.

I put quiet in quotes (inverted commas, for my British readers [do I have British readers? {who knows. but I do have three sets of brackets now in this sentence.}]) because our quiet time alone painting pottery ended up being shared in the same room with a birthday party for 20 seven year-olds. Well, actually, the party was only for one of them; but there were 20 or so of the 7 and Under crowd hanging out.

By far, the highlight of their party (for Manda and I anyway) was when they all finished painting their whatevers and the Head Mom started vamping to fill time.

Enter: Charades.

When given the ability to act out anything you can think of, 7 year-olds seem to all go for animals. So, as soon as they began charading(?), the room filled with shouts of "DOG!!" or "CAT!!!!" All of course, relatively normal shouts. All except for one girl who - no matter what the charader(?) was acting out - would yell "SEAL!!" at the top of her lungs. 'Twas awesome and we laughed at that kid a lot.

You hear that 7 year-old kid? We were laughing at you.

Also entertaining, yet in a very different way, was the mom we saw there who was living vicariously through her 7 year-old son. She brought him in there so that "he" could paint some pottery. She then proceeded to pick all of his colors and tell him what to paint.

"Do you want to paint polka dots on the outside? They'd look really great."

My favorite part of their painting time came when I heard her say "I'm not going to paint any of your polka dots." Followed closely by "Okay, I'm just going to paint this one to show you how to do it." After hearing her say "Oh, that's PERFECT!" I looked up to see that she had just finished painting her 15th polka dot while her son sat dejectedly nearby watching his mom paint "his" mug.

Sometimes parents are awesome. Sometimes they are that lady. That lady was clearly that lady.


rooni said...

lol So true. She was that lady.

"[lady who works here], my son wants some yellow paint for the inside of his mug."

(as soon as lady leaves): "Or do you want to paint the inside red? Do you want red? Then the mug would be blue and red, like your room! Do you want red?"

(re-enter lady who works there) "Sorry, he changed his mind.. he wants red. Like a bright red. Yeah, sorry about that.. thanks!"

(lady walks away to get red paint) "Or do you want yellow? Are you sure you don't want yellow?"

(re-enter lady with red paint) "Are you sure, honey? You're sure you don't want yellow? You want red? [to lady] Okay, I guess we'll go with red. Thanks.."

Baaaaahhhhh!!! That lady made me crazier than the 20 7 year-old girls!

EmoRiot said...

Maybe those twenty 7 year-olds can meet up in twenty years for a group therapy session at "All F@#%'d Up" or "Color Me Mind" - both excellent DIY therapy franchises. :-)