Friday, September 30, 2005

take that, bespin

TGIF. This beat is def. Can I get a witness, Jeff? [Yes.] Are you ready to start things off yet? ::scratchy-scratchy... scratch:: A'ight. Bet.

Today I had a gorgeous drive into work. As I was driving along the ocean, just outside the Presidio gates, the ocean and the bay were both completely obscured by clouds and low-lying fog. Poking just up over the top of everything were the mammoth orange spires of the Golden Gate Bridge and a ridge of mountains on the Marin side of the bay.

I felt like I was living in a city among the clouds. There was a very dream-like, detached quality to everything.

It was so beautiful that I actually pulled my car over and tried to take a picture of it with my camera phone. Didn't turn out that well.


That's mountains on the left, a very japanese tree in the foreground, and the smear on the right is The Bridge.

As I stood there with the cool breeze in my face, two fog horns called to each other - honking like two lusty geese. It was an odd sound, but added to the weird dreamy quality of everything.

I like my city in the clouds. It was a nice moment.


EmoRiot said...

I thought it was a hurricane photo... so much for the camera phone replacing the digital camera.

rooni said...

I loved this little (and I mean really little) photo so much that I wanted to have a much larger version of the scene. I would've absolutely settled for a blown up photo, but since it's at such low resolution, that was impossible. So, I painted it over the weekend.

Jesse sat next to me and created an entirely different piece of art. When we were done, we held our two canvases up next to each other and were shocked to see how beautifully suited they were for hanging together. Voila, instant studio art.

I fully appreciate this post, and the art it has brought into my home. =)