Thursday, March 08, 2007

we won!

I know that I've been ignoring blogging the last few days. I've been hanging out at GDC meeting and greeting and schoomsing and ... fmoosing? Anyway, tonight was the GANG awards and tonight "Dr. Kunkle's Funnkel Cake" won the award for "Best Original Vocal Song - Pop."

I'm really happy about it. I was up for an award for one of my Game Developer articles as well and lost, but "Kunkle" won and I'm really proud of the work that David Collins and I put into the track. Plus, it's nice to now be able to say that we're an Award-Winning Song Writing Team, an Award-Winning Audio Department, and that "Thrillville" has an Award-Winning Soundtrack.

: )

Is that too much? The award is only an hour old and I'm already putting it to work pretty hard with all of those descriptors.

M'oh well. I think I'm allowed to revel in it a bit tonight. I can be humble tomorrow after I get some sleep.

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Jim Diaz said...

It's all about the drums.