Monday, March 12, 2007


GDC knocked me on my ass. I spent all weekend recuperating in my pajamas. I had blisters on my feet, stiff muscles, and spent most of Saturday and Sunday either sleeping or wishing I was asleep.

There were so many people there this year who wanted to sit down and talk with me, meet with me, lunch with me, etc. I couldn't keep up with it all. Not to mention the times I had to head into the office for meetings or work. Not to mention the award show Thursday night.

It was long and I'm still beat. Today I'm dusting off my inbox and trying to catch up on all of the stuff that I neglected while I was gone. Lots of email issues. Lots of little administrative music things here and there. But they pile up fast. I was hoping to finish a new song today for a new project. Looks like that will have to wait until tomorrow while I work on some Star Wars Galaxies paperwork for Business Affairs.

You hear that, John Williams? I'm doing more paperwork for you. How's writing music going? I miss it.

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