Friday, March 30, 2007

jiggity jig

I'm back in Philly for the weekend. Everyone's favorite Ben Rose is getting married this weekend and, while he asked both Ry and I to be his best men, apparently I'm the only one not "cavorting" around "South Asia" "filming a documentary."

That's right. I'm casting the Shadow of Doubt. : P I think Ry is really off overseeing the first initial industrial throws of his very own sweatshop. Either that or trying to win himself an award so that he fits in.

Anyway, I miss Manda. I'm off to go get fitted for my suit for the wedding.

Didn't I just do this? I'm having flashbacks. Oh, and a small part of me thinks that I have a brain tumor. I have a headache in the back base of my skull that won't go away.

Christ, I'm such a hypocondriac.


EmoRiot said...

How did it all go?!? I want pictures, recap, cake descriptions... etc.

Bug said...

it was great. I'll write up more when I have some time to think. We just got home and I'm both sick and jet-lagged.