Friday, March 02, 2007

artistic license?

I'm a big fan of concept art. Be it game, film, or other, I think concept artists are fascinatingly talented and I love to see their visions brought to life in the final product.

And so it was that I was looking online today at some concept art for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 that's been released. Looks cool. Looks very cool. And I got down to admiring the minutia of the art.

There was one picture in particular that I thought "Wow .. that's just plain awesome. It's totally moody. Those paintings look just like the actors from the film. There's Johnny Depp, there's Keith Richards, and there's Keira Kni-"

And that's when I noticed that the artist had taken a heavy amount of artistic liberty with only one element of the entire picture.


Hmmm ...

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Seth said...

She's probably used to the advertisment augmentation of her chestial region. Just look to the widely discussed, at the time,
King Arthur poster