Monday, March 26, 2007

at the risk of ripping off

There was a huge mass of high school students waiting on the train platform this morning. I guess the entire 11th of San Mateo High was heading off to a field trip in the city or something. Anyway, it was rather annoying. First off, how any guy in high school ever manages to get a girlfriend when they're all greasy, oily, and pimply is beyond me. I'm thrilled to be long past that part of my life.

Anyway, when they all piled onto the train, most of the students were complaining about how there weren't enough seats for them all to sit down/sit together/sit far away from someone/etc. However, while most of them were looking for seats, there was one particular genius who truly had his finger on the pulse of the situation.

11th Grade Brainiac: Dude ... everyone on this train is wearing shoes.

Brilliant. I don't know if a field trip is going to do that kid any good.

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