Monday, March 05, 2007

forgotten anniversary

No, not my wedding anniversary already.

I totally forgot until just now that Saturday marked exactly 4 years that I've been with LucasArts. I suppose I inadvertantly rang it in with Amanda by going and seeing "Zodiac" Saturday night. As a big fan of David Fincher's work, I gotta say I was disappointed in Zodiac. It's so interested in trying to present all of the facts and all of the elements of the Zodiac case that there seems to be little room for the typical magic that makes Fincher's movies so special. It's a bummer, too, because there are a couple of scenes where I really felt like "Ooo ... here he goes ... this is Fincher, alright" and then it just dribbled back into spurting out facts. Bumma.

Anyway, 4 years at LucasArts and 4 years living in the Bay Area. I love it up here. Yay, Bay. Yay, LA. Yay, Oda Mae?


EmoRiot said...

Happy San Franiversary

Bug said...


EmoRiot said...


"burBANK YOU!"

You had it right there and you missed it.

Bug said...

That is why you are the sensai and I am but the grasshopper.