Monday, March 19, 2007

tahoe lotta nuthin

Lake Tahoe is lame. My apologies, Lake Tahoe, if you're reading my blog; but you're lame and I thought it best to let you know it. Manda and I were there for the weekend this weekend as her maid-of-honor's now-fiance was throwing her a surprise birthday party/engagement hooha. Rather than drive for 10 hours on Sunday, Manda and I decided to head up on Saturday, spend the night there, go to the party, and then drive back on Sunday.

The only flaw with that plan was the "stay in Lake Tahoe on Saturday Night" part. Man O'man ... was it ever dull. First of all, Tahoe only has two things going for it: skiing and casinos.

As for the skiing, Amanda and I don't know how to ski. Which isn't really a problem when it's 75 degrees and all of the snow is running off of the mountain in liquid form anyway. I guess the locals call it "water." Anyway, there were a lot of unhappy people walking around with their jackets draped over their snowboards because all of the lifts were shut down. Doops. Shoulda checked the weather first, dorks.

Good thing for them, they have the casinos in the nearby Nevada side of Tahoe. Now, Manda and I just paid for our wedding, I need a car, and we want to save for a house. The absolute last thing that sounds like fun is dumping any amount of our money into the pockets of a casino.

The only thing that sounded like it might be fun was to see a show while we up there. Doops. Shoulda checked online to see who was there first. Turns out we had the chance to spend a bunch of money to either watch bad magicians, watch Michael Crawford sing "Music of the Night," or watch some porno Adult review thing that - based on the reaction we kept seeing the poster get - was going to be full of horny fat scary drunk guys. It just so happened that it was also St. Patrick's Day which meant that every asshole and their brother was out drinking and wearing ridiculous green foam top hats. I saw a bunch of guys with beads around their necks and don't really know what that meant. Best as I can figure, they were given the beads by flashing their man nipples at the crowds of grumpy snowless snowboarders.

Needless to say, we didn't end up going to any of them. Instead, we went back to our hotel room, played some Scrabble, and ordered "The Queen" off of pay-per-view. Good movie. But not really good enough to make Tahoe suck less. God damn, we're a wild pair, aren't we? Scrabble and The Queen!! Rock that, bitches! : )

The party the next day was fine and congrats to Tina and Mat on their engagement. I could feel myself starting to come down with hives being so close to wedding planning again. Poor guys ... they have no idea what they're in for.


rooni said...

Over at my blog, your readers can observe the apparent discrepancy between estrogen and testosterone regarding post-wedding recovery times. ;)

EmoRiot said...

Hey, good tease, I'm heading over now.