Wednesday, March 14, 2007

seriously ... Ry ... where's yours?

The past weekend I called my mom and my sister to tell them all about the award show on Thursday night. I got my sister on the phone and the two of them were both very congratulatory and excited. My sister listened as politely as she could before she nearly burst from holding in her own news for so long.

She'd just won an award, too.

She'd been in a dance competition that weekend and had just placed 1st for her solo dance as well as 1st place for her duet. Now, she's eligible to go to Las Vegas in June to compete at a national level. I was extremely congratulatory and excited and told her how proud I was of her and how much I would try to make it to Vegas to see her dance. That's when she told me another piece of news.

My dad was in San Diego that weekend accepting his own award.

Apparently he was being honored with some sort of Top Surgeon of 2006 Award or something. I googled it, but can't seem to find any specifics of it (I'm sure Ry knows all of the details). Anyway, he was out doing that while my sister and I were also off winning awards.

How often is it that three separate members of the same family win awards in their respective fields on the same weekend? It's gotta be pretty rare. Anyway, I just thought that was worth noting. Way to go, Harlin family.


Seth said...

Dood. Ry, are you adopted? These guys are all pulling in the bling left and right while you're, what? "Making your music?" Seriously, buddy, get your act together and git yerself some award.

...fuck it!

Ry - congrats! I'm pleased to announce that you've won the first annual Seth Prize Given to a Harlin Who Didn't Just Recieve an Award Otherwise.

Congrats buddy, you deserve it!

EmoRiot said...

Please, PLEASE make me a trophy. Because Jesse dropped his trophy. My dad didn't get one. Kody hasn't actually won yet, she just got a chance to compete in the Nationals. So if I get the coveted SPGHWDJRAO Trophy, I'll be sitting pretty. Suck it, over-achievers!!!

Bug said...

I warn you ... awards are slippery.