Saturday, March 10, 2007

this isn't how it was supposed to go

Yesterday was really nice. Everyone at LucasArts was incredibly complimentary about the win with emails coming at David and I from all corners of Lucasfilm wishing us well. At the end of the day, we got ambushed by the Thrillville team with some celebratory cakes and we hung out, talked about the award show, and ... well ... ate cake.

At the very end of the day, just as I was leaving, I thought "Hey, I'd better snap a photo of the award so that I can send it to my mom and dad/post in on oogu/etc." So, I took the award off of its perch on top of a filing cabinet (we haven't built a trophy case just yet) and took it into the studio to get a nice music-related shot of it.


Photo done, I decided it'd be nice to place it on top of the center speaker in our surround moniter set up so that it would be displayed nicely for anyone who came in. I'm still not quite sure what happened. Something about the top of the monitor and the bottom of the award didn't like each other. In a fraction of a second, the GANG award that we worked so many long hours for tumbled off of the monitor and smashed onto the studio floor.

Once again, the award is back on top of a filing cabinet. But this time, it's being hidden in my office because it's currently snapped in half.

I feel like a complete retard.


Seth said...

Just look at the positive side of things - there are a ton of folks out there with these GANG awards right? You're probably one of the only ones, now, with a busted-ass GANG award (might one now call it a GANG bang award? ...nah, that's f'ing tacking man!). So take that Chance Thomas!

EmoRiot said...

or a GANG-busters award

Bug said...

Disturbingly enough, the first year that GANG existed they had an after E3 party called the 1st Annual GANG Bang.

There never was a second-annual and I think that was a smart move.

EmoRiot said...

That's not half as bad as what happens at the annual meeting for the Florida Land Use Federation For Environmental Recycling Society.

Bug said...

You thought long and hard about that one, didn't you?

EmoRiot said...

Well... not too long. I spent more of my time trying to work out: Organization or Retired Game Yrofessionals

I ultimately gave up, though.