Wednesday, July 12, 2006

um ... how about "shut the hell up"?

Time for July's Ridiculous Lawsuit of the Month.

Starring: The Sea Scouts

For those who don't know, the Sea Scouts are apparently some kind of water-based off-shoot of the Boy Scouts and are where young boys can learn how to make campfires on boats and help old ladies cross lakes or some shit. Provided, that is, that you aren't gay or an atheist. In keeping with official Boy Scouts of America nutitude, heathen Sea Scout wannabes aren't allowed to learn about civic pride or knot tying.

The Sea Scouts of Berkeley, CA were apparently using the Berkeley Marina due in part to the fact that the Berkeley Marina doesn't charge birthing fees to non-profit organizations.

Oops. One exception.

In accordance to local Berkeley laws, The Berkeley Marina's "no birthing fees" policy only applies to organizations who don't discriminate and summarily, the Sea Scouts were made to pay up.

Apparently, being discriminated against makes you feel pretty crappy (go figure) and this new-found karmic pang of human feeling pissed off the Sea Scouts when they discovered that they don't like being discriminated against for discriminating against others. And so they're suing Berkeley.


What the fuck? Congrats, Sea Scouts, on industriously figuring out how to go for both your "Frivolous Lawsuit" and "Hypocritical Asshole" badges all in one go.

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