Friday, July 21, 2006

nostalgia friday

Found this on youtube today. Ah, the 80s ... The glorious golden age of video games when everyone realized that the graphics were impressionistic crap at best and so they couldn't use in-game footage to try and sell the games on TV.

Here's what the commercial for centipede looked like:

I love it so much.


ceymick said...

Dude, I have zero recollection of that commercial, but it may be only the best television ad ever. Seriously fantastic.

And also, I'm not sure who should've sued who (i.e., who was first), but I think there was a lawsuit waiting to happen between whoever wrote the fantastic musical score and Andrew Lloyd Webber. Seriously, listen to it tell me you don't immediately think of the main them to "Phantom of the Opera."

EmoRiot said...


Seth, you beat me to my comment about the Phantom similarity!!!!!!!

That confirms it... this commercial inspired Andrew Lloyd Webber! He just removed the two middle measures of the hook.

Bug said...

Yeah, it's pretty awesome. There's definitely a lawsuit there. He clearly has more than seven consecutive notes that are exactly the same in terms of pitch relationship and note values.

If George Harrison can get dinged for it, Andrew Lloyd Webber definitely should get a slap on the wrist for this thing.

Either that or start changing the lyrics to "Phantom" to include:

Centipede ...
Centipede ...