Thursday, July 06, 2006

TGI(W)* that since today is the middle of my three day week, it's functioning like Wednesday - even though it's Thursday. Whatever. I'm going for consistency here, people.

Today was (is) long. Longer than a Marfan wang. My spreadsheet is coming along nicely (yawn), but it's been a constant battle to fend off distractions today. I had to look at new builds of games, I had meetings in the morning, I had a brief mix session for Thrillville. All the while my spreadsheet sat unfinished, and it needs to be done today. Then this evening, I was in the role of tour guide and Audio Department representative for a potential contractor. "Here's our studio. Here's our live room and built-in Foley pit. Here's my spreadsheet that has me so busy that we're looking to hire contractors." I think he was impressed with the spreadsheet.

Good times.

Now it's 9 PM (9 PM already!!) and I'm still not done the spreadsheet, so I'm staying late to finish it. Blah. All the while my brother and sister are living it up in LA piercing things and blowing things up with Mentos. If I were a Napoleon Dynamite soundboard, this is the point where I would say "Luckyyy."

Either that or "I caught you a delicious bass."

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rooni said...

But now you're home! (FYI, you just walked in) ... and it's 12:26am. =(

Welcome home, Bug.