Tuesday, July 11, 2006

happy birthday, ceymick

Yes, today is the big 30 birthday for everyone's favorite infrequent commenter, Ceymick - better known to Hoil fans across the globe as the one and only Mr. Bitch himself, Jamie Soundz.

So, in honor of Mr. Bitch's birthday, here's a list of 30 things that he is now older than:

1. Pretty much every home video game except for PONG
2. Punk as a recognized genre of Rock
3. The Space Shuttle program
4. The band The Talking Heads
5. The Concorde supersonic jet
6. The Sundance Film Festival
7. EMI Records
8. The Seattle Mariners
9. Jim Henson's Creature Shop
10. Both C-SPAN and ESPN
11. The collective careers of The Beatles, Sam Kinison, and Jaleel White added together
12. The country of Burkina Faso
13. 24 Hour Fitness
14. J. Crew
15. The Disney Channel
16. Legionnaire's Disease (only by a month!)
17. The 30th anniversaries of the deaths of both Mao Zedong and Elvis
18. Microsoft
19. The sitcom Three's Company
20. The 30th anniversary of the last use of the guillotine in France
21. Stealth aircraft
22. The comic strip Garfield
23. The discovery of Pluto's moon, Charon
24. In Vitro Fertilization
25. The Susan B. Anthony dollar
26. The Guardian Angels vigilante justice group
27. The Mir Space Station
28. Alicia Keys, Nick Carter, and Ashton Kutcher
29. Everything Star Wars
30. And lastly, me

Happy birthday, old man.


ceymick said...

Hey, thanks man - excellent little list you put together! And you only one month behind me, youngin'!

EmoRiot said...

Happy Birthday Seth!

Bug said...

So are you doing anything fun to ring in 30?

Amanda and I have kicked around the idea of a dinner cruise on The Bay.

Not to be confused with a dinner cruise with Michael Bey, which would be an entirely different beast.

ceymick said...

Dude, a dinner cruise with Michael Bay would be the celebration to rule all celebrations.

As for my ringing in of the 30, I had a good dinner and drank a lot a lot, and so the 30 is still being rung in if you count the headache I shall have for at least another hour or so. Twas a very good time.

And then I shall have a basic repeat of that celebration this Saturday when when my sister, her fiance and another friend get into town. I imagine that will, also, be a very good time.

And that's how my thirties gets rung in.

...oh dear god, I'm "in my thirties."