Tuesday, April 04, 2006

we're the wildest couple this side of Utah

Last night, Amanda and I got considerably less sleep than we usually do. Why? Because we're wild and crazy, baby!! That's right, Manda and I stayed up until 2 AM ... reading books.

w00t!! we R teh roXorz!!!!1!!1one!!1

Yes, Amanda and I have been reading much more these days and last night we both found ourselves nearing the end of our books. As is usually the case with a book, once you're near the end everything just keeps pushing you forward. It was finally 2 AM before we finished them both.

So, what were we reading that was so compelling? I was reading Crossing The Line by Karen Traviss. It's the sequel to a book of hers I just recently finished called City of Pearl and is a great sci-fi book. I'm really enjoying this rich alternate future she's created. She's quickly becoming my new favorite author.

Amanda was deep into Good In Bed by the unforunately-named Jennifer Weiner (Sorry if you read my blog, Jennifer; but it's true. Your last name is "weiner.").

Anyway, being as wild and crazy as we are, I'm beat. So what's on tonight's agenda? Well, after some base-jumping and bear-baiting, we're gonna' go to the grocery story (w00t encore!) and then start some new books, I'm guessing. Moral of the story is: stay out of our way, bitches. We're setting the world on fire.


rooni said...

I'm a little bit ashamed that that's the novel I happened to be reading last night, so that it got mentioned in your blog. =\ Really, folks. I don't always read somewhat trashy romantic comedy chick flick novels. I only read this one, in fact, because I joined a book club that was reading it. ;)

That said, I did get sucked into the ending, which was considerably less giggly and girly than the rest. Well written ending, Ms. Weiner.

EmoRiot said...

See if you read political policy books like I do, you'd get right to bed!!! ;)

EmoRiot said...

Where's jesse and his dedication to daily blogging?

Bug said...

Working on it right now, foo'.