Monday, April 17, 2006

globalization: 1, me: 0

I'm pissed, but I desperately need a new pair of sneakers and I don't think I'm going to be able to stick to my guns and not buy Chinese-made sweatshop crap.

Union-made shoe shops seem to be limited to a very small group of factories. Many of those don't make sneakers. Many of the ones that do seem to be online "vegan" shoe companies that make Hemp shoes with granola-based adhesives or somesuchshit.

The problem is, my shoes are literally starting to fall off of my feet. The other problem, frankly, is that a lot of the "vegan" sneakers are just plain ugly. So, I find myself wrestling with a question of vanity over a question of conscience.

And yet ... There are so many other things that I'm quickly losing the Globalization battle on. Computer hardware? I don't have a choice. I have to buy stuff from China. Car parts? I have to get the ones that fit my car, so again I don't have a choice.

Are shoes just another one of those things that I give up the fight on? Or do I cling to the notion that I actually do have other options, albeit extremely inconvenient and ugly options.

Shoes are with you every day and I really just want something comfortable. That's my other problem with online shoes. Who the hell knows if they'll even fit? And if they fit, do they even feel comfortable to wear?

This sucks. I feel like I'm trying to justify to myself and the world throwing in the towel and buying a pair of Vans. Especially when I see that Vans are offering a custom shoe offer and I start wondering if I should get my own custom-made Vans.

But, then I realize that I'd be ordering shoes off of the internet and that I should just buy socially-responsible shoes if I'm going to do that.

Am I over-thinking this whole thing?


EmoRiot said...

Are you talking about shoes or tennis shoes (sneakers)? If it's the latter, why not the Blackspots. If it's the former, there's tons of dress shoes still made in Italy and such.

If you want to branch out from the Blackspots, try this:

There you can order Art Company shoes, which rock.

Bug said...

I bought Art Company shoes. Remember? I showed them to you.

After about a month, mine became VERY uncomfortable. I'm not all that excited about them. And yes, my Blackspot sneakers have nearly completely self-destructed. They're totally falling apart. And yes, I'm talking about wanting a new pair of sneakers.

I don't want to order another pair because I don't have 4 months to wait for them like last time.

EmoRiot said...

How about Mooshoes in NYC? They have a bunch of vegan shoes that are made in Europe and such:

Bug said...

I looked at Mooshoes already. As it turns out, the only ones that I like are made in China on there.