Thursday, April 06, 2006

test run 1 complete

We just put our new recording studio here at The Presidio through its paces for the first time and all I can say is ": )".

Obviously, I can't really talk about what we were recording, but suffice it to say that we found out:

- The studio is wonderfully sound-proof. No one was disturbed during regular business hours by our noise.
- The room sounds great. Sound treated as it is, it still sounds really nice through just a pair of overheads.
- People like to hang out in recording studios instead of doing whatever they're supposed to be doing. It was like a slack magnet.

And again, I still found myself prone to the Jesse Harlin Kryptonite that is working in the studio. At one point, I started to fall asleep again. I don't know what it is about recording studios that makes me so freakin' drowsy. It sucks.

At least we weren't setting up to record drums. Waiting to have the right tone .... that's the worst for me.

*boom* ... *boom* ... *boom* ...

"How's that?" "Just a few more, then we'll move on to the kick."

*boom* ... *boom* ... *boom* ... *boom* ...



rooni said...

Aaaahhhhh!!!! The slack magnet got me for 20 minutes of my life! =P I'll never get that time back.

EmoRiot said...

"I... can't... physically... stay... awake.... guys..." - JCH

Should I ship the couch we have in the living room (the old studio couch) up to you so you can fully indulge in your cat-ways? ;)

Bug said...

No need. There's a couch in our studio already and it got me yesterday.

That said, I did find a solution. If I sit there and pour over design documents for new games, I stay awake easily.

EmoRiot said...

I can probably scratch for you by the way. Starting Tuesday?

Bug said...

Tuesday is perfect.