Tuesday, April 25, 2006


That word's ugly, but that's how I feel. Frigging exhausted. Frigxhausted. Manda and I use that word all of the time, but I've never written it out before.

There's a shorthand that couples develop, a secret language all their own of mangled movie quotes and retahded noises that only hold meaning to each other. Someone at work was talking about this recently with me. It goes beyond pet names for each other. It's one thing to just substitute nicknames for each other's names all of the time.

Instead, I'm talking about the fact that I can say to Amanda "yowm sproing cling!" and we'll both know exactly what the hell I'm saying - and that it oddly is endearing to each other.

I speak these weird words with Amanda so frequently that sometimes they slip out in my regular speech at work. I forget that not everyone knows that the word "zonk" means "zero," "none," or "nothing." I forget that "yawn" is not common conversational shorthand for "Whatever, dude." or "Knock it off."

And that's when I get looked at like the giant dork that I am. And I guess that's fair enough. If you were talking to someone and their only response to you was "Yawn." you'd probably feel like they weren't really worth continuing the conversation with, too.

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