Wednesday, April 05, 2006

it's that time of year again ...

That's right. Time for everyone's favorite corporate holiday: Performance Reviews. My department manager is actually really good about them. They're low-stress, informal discussions about the past year, the up-coming year, and anything else on our minds. Couple of nice things happened this review period:

1. My department manager and I are totally on the same page with what to do with me over the next year. He actually suggested to me a number of big suggestions I was going to bring up later in our meeting. So, good news there.

B. I got a raise. Yay me. : )

Third. I got a bonus, too. Double yay me. So, now I have money for when Amanda and I go on our First Annual Hawaiian Getaway Adventure Vacation Extravaganzafest '06.

So, all good stuff. That and I got a free cookie at work today. By the by: strangely one of the occupational hazards of working with Star Wars all the time is that you forget that "cookie" isn't spelled like "Wookiee."

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EmoRiot said...

Congrats on the dough. Me, I had to pay 50 dollars to pick up the garbage. And I got no award for being brave and honest on the telephone.