Monday, October 16, 2006

someone else sucks

And you know who that someone is this time? Whomever the dick is that came into my office over the weekend and played with all of my toys.

That's right. Someone came into my office this weekend and played with all of the action figures I have lying around the place. This weekend we had movers come in to move two teams from one building over to another building. It's been a long scheduled move and seemingly happened without much of a hitch.

The only problem seems to be that someone this weekend came into all of our sound offices and played with any and all action figures anyone may have had lying around. For me that means that Trump was violated, my RepCom figures were messed with, my bounty hunter figures have all been repositioned, and most annoyingly - my Hellboy figures have been moved.

I say most annoyingly because whomever came in and messed with things stole the gun from out of the hand of my Lobster Johnson figure.

Stole his gun! That sucks! I'm mad. Of course, not quite as mad as the guy down the hallway who had his laptop stolen out of his office, but you know ... mad in my own trifling little way. Still, the whole thing sucks.


rooni said...

Wow, that's awful. Are they going to install locks on the offices? It seems like they should... Awful! Poor Bug. =( Poor Lobster Johnson.

Bug said...

Yeah, the annoying thing is that we have locks already. We just don't have keys. So, no one can actually lock anything even though technically the option is already there.


EmoRiot said...

that sucks... but at least they didn't take your stuff. I know you have certain comemorative things that aren't easily replaceable. Is the guy's laptop covered by work insurance or does he have to file a home owner's claim on it? bummer...

can you file a claim for lobster johnson's gun? ;)

Bug said...
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