Monday, October 23, 2006

it's funny what you learn from books

So, I'm reading a book of H.P. Lovecraft's stories right now and it's really good. What I'm learning, though, I though I'd share with Ceymick since he's back up in the Boston area.

I'm reading a story right now called "The Dunwich Horror" and it mentions two things that are actually based in fact: The Moodus Noises and Mystery Hill.

Now, the Moodus Noises are apparently ultra-creepy cracking, snapping, and groaning noises that issue forth from the ground around Moodus, CT. In the past, Puritans and Native Americans alike essentially equated it to the work of the devil and/or various demons. I figured, if you lived nearby, you might want to go check that out.

Mystery Hill, on the other hand, is currently known as "America's Stonehenge" and is a series of stone columns that stand on top of a mountain in North Salem, NH. It appears that there's somewhat of a debate as to when the site was actually built. Some say hundreds (if not thousands) of years before American settlers first arrived. Some say it was band of crazy Irish monks who constructed the weirdo circle which includes among other things a sacrificial stone. Some, however, say that it was just a place that local Puritan colonists would go up and make soap.

Still, in the interest of giving Ceymick something to do on his weekend, I thought I'd let him know about these two mysterious locations in his backyard.


EmoRiot said...

A blog for one person. Interesting. I think they're working on an electronic mail system that will eventually be able to handle this one-to-one communication. ;)

ceymick said...

Well I'm certainly not driving two hours into Connecticut to wander around the oddly named Moodus, ear to the sky, responding to locals' inquiry of "whatcha' doing, son" with "listening for devil noises, of course!"

But an under-an-hour drive into New Hampshire to see Irish monk rocks? That might be feasible (particularly since it gives me an excuse to hit the uber-cheap NH/MA border booze stores). My weekends are pretty tied up for a while, but I'll keep you posted if I make the trek.

And Emo - what is this electronic mail system of which you speak? I am intrigued.

Bug said...

Bah. Whatever. I put it here so that anyone else who might find it interesting might go. I'd never heard about creepy noises issuing forth out of the mountains of Connecticut before. I thought that was interesting.

What would you rather I write about? "I'm still doing sketches. Meanwhile we're planning a wedding and LEGO Star Wars II crashed on me while I played it this weekend at home."