Friday, October 27, 2006

another video

There's another "Thrillville" music featurette online. You can find it here. This one was produced in-house by the Lucasfilm documentary department. It's good stuff.

Anyway, just thought I'd share.


russ said...

Morningwood? Aww, jeez...

Are those four songs the only original music in the game? They're the only ones I've heard about (other than the licensed music). Looks like you guys had fun doing them, though.

Bug said...

No, there's about a half hour of original music from a british composer named Alistair Lindsay. He was contracted by Frontier to do the music and Sound Design before LucasArts was even signed on as the publishers.

and what's wrong with Morningwood? I like their debut album.

russ said...

Eh, they're just too cutesypop for me. It's all very planned out, slickly produced sound, and I don't hear a lot of soul in that.

Is this Lindsay guy the one you were frustrated with a while back? Who took forever to return emails?

Bug said...

Um ... maybe. I'm losing track of who's frustrated me. ; )

Probably not, in all truth. Al Lindsay's a good guy. I didn't have all that much contact with him, but the little I did was fine.

And the Morningwood stuff resonates with me because when the song writing is solid, it's really solid. Water-tight hooks, appropriate production, convincing vocal performances, etc. But then, that's just my take on it all. I also own all of the Spice Girl albums, so my taste is probably questionable.