Monday, October 30, 2006

cross another thing off of the list

This weekend we bought my wedding ring. It's very simple - a white gold band with squared edges and no ornamentation - and looks nice. I found myself wearing it around the house trying to get used to it. I've never really ever worn jewelry before. I suppose a watch counts as jewelry, but even that I'm pretty lax in wearing.

I think part of it was that thing that seven year-olds have when they get new shoes or new clothes or something for school and want to wear them right away. And yes, I know I'm not seven years old. The other part of it was that I just feel like I'm married already. Manda and I have been in a committed, monogamous relationship for nigh onto 7 years now and have been living together for a year plus.

Anyway, the ring is now checked off of the list and things are moving along with the band, the caterer, and the cake. We still need to figure out a photographer, favors, and an officiant. But then I think the major stuff is done.

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