Thursday, March 23, 2006

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This is my favorite quote I've heard so far from a floundering speaker at GDC:

"The Web is up on the Net now."

WOW! They got the Web working on the Net now?! Incredible!

Just thought I'd let everyone else know since this may impact some of your work.


EmoRiot said...

Prior to the web being on the net, the "world wide web", as he refers to it, was a massive undertaking to elimnate malaria, west nile virus, and other bug-borne diseases by constructing a global web which would span the earth.

When further study showed that the quantity of silken thread exceeded the earth's capacity to produce it and that the manufacture of web adhesive would adversely contribute to global warming, scientists settled on a more modest and portable approach. "Plan B" was to construct several smaller non-adhesive "webs" that could be used to catch the offending bugs.

An astute observer pointed out that a non-adhesive portable web is, in essence, a net. And thus, the scientists booked a speech at the next available conference to proclaim their findings.

Being that GDC was the next available, you were able to witness the historic proclamation: The web is up on the net now.

(now tell us how the PS3 is please)

Bug said...

I'll let you know about the PS3 if you're interested. I'm just tired now and looking forward to resting. I'll write about it later.

By the way, the security word verification thing staring at me right now reads "Coigel." Sounds like someone's lame last name:

Matthew Coigel, CPA.