Wednesday, March 15, 2006

so confused ...

Last night, I slept like ass. I kept having recurring dreams that confused the hell out of me. It's rare for me to dream relatively mundane dreams (as opposed to the horrific crap I'm used to) and it's even more rare for me to dream about celebrities, a dream market my brother seems to have cornered.

And yet, that's exactly what I dreamt last night. I have no idea how the dream began, but let's just say it went blahblahblahblahblah Jesse lying in bed waking up to the radio. As I was lying there trying to wake up (in my dream, mind you), I was apparently listening to the Howard Stern show. The topic of discussion? Vaz Hoil, the 80s hair band I've been in off and on since high school. Stern et al were talking about how great they thought the album was, how funny the lyrics were, etc. I sat up astonished in my bed, woke up Amanda, and we both listened with amazement throughout the entire conversation. As soon as they were done, I called my brother who was also astonished and we began to plan how we'd get onto the show and play some music live on the air.

Now ... that's all pretty whatever. Where the dream begins to drive me nuts is that I then dreamt that I woke up from having dreamt about the Stern Show. I was very confused (in my dream), couldn't tell what was real and what wasn't, and decided to go Google "vaz hoil" to see what would come up. Lo and behold, there was a bunch of new links all discussing Howard's like for our completely unknown band.

What then proceeded to happen for about 3 or 4 hours was a continual string of dreams in which I would make more progress towards getting Hoil onto the Stern show and then dream that I'd wake up, be confused, and have to start the whole process again.

When I finally did wake up this morning, I had no freaking clue what was real anymore and what was a dream. I was exhausted from dreaming about waking up all night and I had an overwhelming urge to google Hoil again. Needless to say, actual reality eventually set in. Still, the whole ordeal has left me completely fatigued this morning and still more than a little muddled.

I'd almost rather dream about being impaled by gigantic mosquitoes or chased by men who cut their own hands off as a show of just how tough they are. At least then I know when I wake up that it was a dream.

When I was a kid, I remember seeing an episode of G.I. Joe where Shipwreck kept having dreams that he was dreaming and waking up over and over again. I remember being really creeped out by it and thinking that it must be terrible to not know when you were awake and when you were asleep.

I can now say for certain that it's insanely disorienting. I'm gonna start a support group for me and Shipwreck. No COBRA allowed.

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