Thursday, March 02, 2006

number 2 is a jet car

The first thing I'm going to buy if I make enough money to ever be considered ridiculously rich is a private bathroom.

I really don't like public bathrooms. They're dirty. They smell like ... well ... public bathrooms. And you have to share the "experience" with other people. I don't like that. Is there anything more awkward in 21st century daily life than having to pee while standing next to people you know professionally? Urinals completely fly in the face of the concept of personal space bubbles. If that weird little metal divider wasn't there separating your shoulder from the shoulder of the person next to you, you'd be very uncomfortably close to each other - whether you were peeing at that moment or not. It'd be like standing next to people in an elevator while you were all trying to pee. >: P

Where does this weird rant come from? From having just come back from the restroom where I had to listen to someone in one of the stalls.

This poor guy ... As with all bathroom etiquette, I don't actually know who it was due to averting eyes and staring at walls. Still, whomever it was was breathing so hard in there. As far as I can figure, it was either someone who 1.) had just run a marathon, 2.) weighed a metric ton and has trouble breathing, or 3.) was pleasuring himself at work.

It's not No. 1. I feel bad for the guy if it's No. 2. I feel bad for the rest of us if it's No. 3. Anyway, having to listen to this guy gulp for air like a beached trout really seemed to cross some kind of privacy barrier.

Metal shoulder divider or not, his breathing sounds invaded my personal space. I really didn't need to share that moment with this guy.

So, when I'm rich = private bathroom. Day one.

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