Saturday, August 04, 2007

working weekend

In my office, I have two whiteboards. One is for internal development to-do lists, the other is for external development to-do lists. Last week, I held a little ceremony and smiled ear to ear as I finally erased the word "Thrillville" off of my external development whiteboard.

Turns out it was wishful thinking. So, now I'm stuck here at work on a Saturday. I had to bail out of plans that Amanda and I had and I'm hating myself for it. I promised her I'd go with her to a friend's "moving away" party as he's moving to Chicago soon. So, I say "yeah! let's go!" and then have to ditch her with only a day's notice.

I hate that. I hate that element to my job. I hate that my personal life is disposable and that fighting to have time to myself and my life can be viewed as being either 1.) disloyal to the project or 2.) simply unprofessional.

I'm starting to get grumpy and resentful, so I'll stop complaining. There's a possibility that I might be heading to England next week. Project before all else.

Oh well.

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EmoRiot said...

For what it's worth, I'm working this weekend too. Oogu was my break in between exports.

When will you know about England? Going to Liverpool still? Any plans to meet up with Sean, Duncan, Paul?