Tuesday, August 21, 2007


I'm home this week sitting around in my pajamas and recuperating from the months of busy craziness I've been going through. I pulled off a minor miracle last week and whipped a game's audio into shape from nearly silent to rich and diversified audio.

I'm slowly returning to normal life. Last night, Manda and I went to see Superbad. Very funny. Pretty mindless, but funny none the less. While we were out, I kept making these inane jokes about how many people were out enjoying the evening Summer sun and walking around. I was shocked at how many people I saw who were in love - arm in arm or carrying their kids around. It took a while before I realized that I'd largely only been seeing the city streets at midnight where the only people you see are drunks or the homeless.

Suffice it to say, having been working until about 10 or later for the last 3 months straight, I feel like a stranger to regular life. So that's what this week is all about; decompressing and easing back into normal life before I start my next major crunch for Star Wars.

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