Tuesday, August 14, 2007

sooo.... tired ......

Too much work these days and not enough time to blog. I've been working until midnight or later every night for the last few weeks trying to clean up someone else's mess. Amanda is away on business for the next few days and I'm holding down the fort with work and late nights.

People are starting to express a concern about my burning out. I would tend to agree with them. Problem is, the work still needs to get done. And a big bug count doesn't seem to care if I burn out or not.


EmoRiot said...

You'll be fine because we live in a country where burning out isn't a viable option. In Sweden, where claiming burn-out gets you paid off-time for months and even years, they have an amazing overload of burned-out people. In fact, the government's even used it to bolster their unemployment numbers - since a nation of burnt-out hard workers is better than a nation unable to find work.

But in our situation, because burn-out means an end to financial stability, we tend to trudge through busy schedules and late nights. I don't know which is better...

But I do know it's annoying when I'm working a crazy schedule to here about a friend from Sweden who's on "burn-out leave." Annoying, or jealous... can't tell which it is.

Bug said...

Yeah, I remember hearing about this from you in the past and being completely astonished by it. You might as well just set up a government Department of Laziness.

For me, it's a situation where we're all looking down the road at what's next project-wise, and people are expressing a concern to me that they fear the last 6 months have taken a toll on me. It isn't that my work performance is suffering (if anything, I'm mega-achieving). But they're starting to worry that I can't sustain this.

Having gone through that once before (end of Republic Commando/beginning of the Ep 3 game), I can definitely atest to the crippling weight of feeling burnt out.

Whether I ever felt as though the government owed me money because of it is an entirely different issue, though.