Sunday, August 05, 2007

the pride of the US educational system

Last night, I stopped by In N Out on my way home for a little Animal Style dinner action. I ended up sitting next to a group of four college students. They sounded like idiots. It's part of the grand cultural disservice that regional accents can cause. These kids could have been geniuses (they weren't) and they would have sounded like idiots because they all had thick, "valley girl" accents.

They must have all been going into their senior year because they were talking about what life was going to be like after graduation. Then the following conversation occurred:

Black female student: I want to go somewhere, like, meaningful for vacation. Like Africa. But, like, you know. Somewhere where they don't hate us.
White male student: I think, like, the people of Sudan have better things to worry about than hating us.
Black female student: No. Not there. Somewhere meaningful to me. To my roots. Like Africa.
White male student: Um ... Sudan is in Africa.
Black female student: No, I mean, like Africa. Like Kenya.

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Mark said...

Speaking of Kenya and Kenyans:

Also, where you gonna see lions?

Only in Kenya.