Wednesday, August 15, 2007

the wolves in the internet tubes

This morning, I had the following spam line in my inbox:

"Still, the wolves' imperfect sending of the banners had prepared him."

There's something very unsettling about that.



Bug said...

I take it back. It's not nearly as unsettling as the other spam line I got this afternoon that read:

"Improve your sperm flavour"

What the eff?

EmoRiot said...

The fishing scams that really cross a line for me are the ones I've heard about recently that literally make death threats to you. Those crazy nigerians apparently are more desperate to transfer their ex-repatriated-exiled Queen's 5 billion dollar wealth since we've all be ignoring their emails on the matter. So they've taken to googling people, finding out a little info and then emailing them going:


My name is Richard. I must tell you that I am a hit man who has been assigned to kill you next week. For me it is only a job but I am still moved to inform you so that you may avoid your fate. I can get paid either way so if you would like to pay me instead, that's cool. I know Amanda would appreciate that.


Friendly neighborhood hit man.

The idea is you read that, get so freaked that they knew a personal detail, believe it, pay them, and everyone wins... well counting yourself if you were to be in an actual threat but since you aren't... you lose.

Those to me, however, are so over the line.

Come on, people! Can't we stick to herbal viagra?