Tuesday, September 19, 2006


still. doing. sketches.

never. seems. to end.

not. getting. any feedback.

slowly. driving. me nuts.

beginning. to envy. renaissance patronage system of composition work.

but still. not. their clothes.


EmoRiot said...

Was that a Haiku?
Your post had random full stops.
I did not get that.

Bug said...

No. This is my haiku.

Sketches on my plate.
Why can't they make up their minds?
Winds of change blow slow.

rooni said...

aww, this makes me think of Haiku Road. =)

o/` meeeeeemoriiiies....

russ said...

how long are these sketches? and panels of people making decisions of any kind generally frustrate the whole process.

EmoRiot said...

There once was some music begun.
It didn't go right from day one.
The sketches were rough.
It wasn't enough.
And jesse was having no fun.

I could do poetry for every comment from now on, if you like...

Bug said...

Russ, these sketches are mostly around 30 seconds, though a couple have been 1 or 2 minutes. what's most frustrating of all is delivering thirty seconds of music and then having to wait days to hear a response back. It's entirely this commitee process that's slowing things down.

Something needs to change. This isn't working.