Monday, August 22, 2005

wizards, boulders, and nerds - three great tastes together at last!

This weekend, Amanda and I went up to her mom's cabin near Yomemite and relaxed amongst the wilderness for the weekend.

We had a great time. I'd never actually been to Yosemite before this weekend. Man O Man, if that ain't the purdiest lil' boulder field I ever done seen. It's a gorgeous valley, quite literally, and surrounded by these enormous granite walls. They're so spectacular.

We had a picnic in the shadow of El Capitan and read more of Harry Potter book 6. That night, we rented Napoleon Dynamite. Climbing on rocks, reading, and then watching an awkward high school experience - it was like being 13 years old again! (Oh wait ... that's not a good thing ...)

Seriously, though, it was a good weekend. That said, I did enjoy getting back home last night. Again, I'm astounded by how mild and comfortable the Bay Area is while the rest of the country endures Summer.

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rooni said...

You went up to her mom's cabin near Yomemite.

I had a nice time, too. =) We should go back for Labor Day. And you should invite your bro, etc. We should then take the water taxi 'round the lake and relax s'more in general!