Monday, August 08, 2005

down and grout

Update on the tile work from the weekend. As [sorta'] promised, here are some pictures courtesy of Amanda's mom.

First up, the action shot. Here we are working away on the grout. That's me scrubbing tile with a fronge (as my sister used to call sponges when she was 3) while Amanda (the other pair of feet in the picture) grouts the tile.


Next up, the finished tile. Not too shabby.


And finally, for some atmosphere, here's the film noir tile shot.



EmoRiot said...

Looks nice. Looks like you probably could've done with a pair of knee pads, though. ::ouch::

Bug said...

Oh, we had knee pads. At the time that picture was taken, Amanda was using the knee pads to do the grout. We kept trading.