Friday, August 05, 2005

heaven in a roll

Tonight I'm apparently accompanying Amanda to watch two friends try to kill themselves with cheesesteaks. They're calling it The Cheesesteak Challenge and it basically just involves each one trying to finish off a 15" cheesesteak from the greatest little sandwich shop on the West Coast.

Personally, I'm in the mood for a pizza steak tonight. And maybe some Tastykakes.

Man oh man, those things are good. Then it's back to the apartment to move boxes, for tomorrow ... we tile the floor.

Did that sound ominous? I was going for "biblically foreboding." Not sure if I reached it.

Is "biblically" even a word?


ceymick said...

I don't get it - what's so difficult about "trying to finish off a 15" cheesesteak?" I've eaten two 10" cheesesteaks before no problem. Get them to thrown down TWO of these 15" suckers, and then maybe it's a challenge.

Bug said...

Yeah, but you've got a belly that's been put through some punishment before.

I, for one, remember the Cluck U Chicken incident from a few years back.

I also remember you and Ry trying to eat some sort of Mexican Insanity Pepper that Leah had. The two of you were parked in front of her air conditioner cooling off your tongues.

These people are light-weights compared to you, hombre. It's maybe more appropriately named the Cheesesteak Challenge for Normal People.

Anyway, it was amusing to watch. They both ate them all, but there was much moaning and groaning involved.

EmoRiot said...

I think this is nothing but cheesesteak hemming and hawing. Correct me if I'm wrong but a 15" steak is just 3" beyond what a normal philly cheesesteak is. Heck, even Subway asks you "6 inch or footlong?" when you order a sandwich. I'm not saying 15" isn't a lot of sandwich, but it's no challenge which is worthy of being hyped and groaned through. If these guys just didn't eat all day, they'd eat this no prob.

I'm with Ceymick. 30" is a challenge. 15" is 4 bites beyond a normal philly sandwich.

Bug said...

::shrug:: Whatever. I didn't name the Challenge; I just attended it.

This is like complaining to me that the Super Bowl is a lame name because it doesn't involve an actual bowl and it isn't actually super.

Who cares.

EmoRiot said...

The comparison isn't quite there. It's more like hosting an event called "The Super Bowl" which is just a game of 2-on-2 touch football in the backyard of someone's house. It's a BIG NAME for something that's not dissimilar from what we've all seen and done.

Imagine if Nathan's annual hot-dog eating championship on Coney Island (where people eat 60 hotdogs in 5 minutes) was, instead, people eating a 15" hotdog instead of their normal footlong.