Monday, August 01, 2005

flame on!

Right now, living in San Francisco rules.

While the rest of the country is melting, the Bay Area remains a cool and pleasant 70 degrees.

Amanda and I went to a wedding reception down in LA this weekend. On the way down, it was 106 degrees. That was pretty freakin' awful. On our way back, we had to drive through the long ugly part of California amidst temperatures that reached 109 degrees. I don't know what it was about those last three degrees, but 109 compared to 106 is pretty really freakin' very awful.

When we finally got back to San Fran, it was 69.

40 freakin' degrees! Seriously, compared to the rest of the States, it's like we live in some kind of majestic garden of Eden complete with Popsicle Trees and streets paved with Slip 'N Slides.

The rest of the country should come out here for a visit. That is, if walking out your door won't cause you to instantly combust.

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