Thursday, July 31, 2008


There are things that everyone needs to buy at places like Target or drug stores or whatever that come with a certain level of unavoidable judgements. You see someone buying condoms, you think "they're having sex." You see a woman buying tampons, you think "period." You see someone buying toilet paper, you think "they will be wiping their butt."

And maybe I'm neurotically weird about it, but it always kinda' bugs me that toilet paper comes in such big packages. I always have this feeling that people are looking at me and thinking "wow ... he really needs to wipe his ass a lot." The whole process of buying toilet paper makes me very self-conscious.

Apparently, though, that was not the case tonight. Manda and I went to Target, bought some random things like deodorant, paper towels, etc., and also picked up a pack of toilet paper. For some reason, I had to fight this extremely intense urge to yell as we were walking out "Hot damn, honey! Look at all this toilet paper! We're gonna' poop ourselves stupid tonight!"

Warning to my future kids: I might not bite my tongue 10 years from now when I have stupid urges to say things like that.


Russ said...

Okay it's like 3:20 am right now and I can't stop laughing at the phrase "poop ourselves stupid" caught me completely off guard there. Kudos.

Bug said...

Awesome. I couldn't wish for anything better ... :)