Wednesday, July 23, 2008

it's about time

I promised some pictures from Hawaii back in June when we returned home. Now that it's mid-July, I think I'm sufficiently late enough that I should really follow through with the things that I promise. As such, here are a couple. More to come (eventually, but don't hold your breath).

Nothing on this photo has been manipulated in Photoshop. That really is how insanely blue the water was off of the coast of Maui. We shot this while on a small ferry that was taking us out off the coast of Maui so that we could dive down to the ocean floor in a submarine.

Once the sub dove down to the bottom, we got to see a whole bunch of mud, fish poop, and wavy little plants. Peppered in amongst the plants and the coral were some cool fish, a couple of eels, and this intentionally sunken ship that was functioning as an artificial reef.

This little bit of creepiness comes from a Whaling Museum on Maui. It was a display detailing whaling ship medicine. The amputation saw was creepy enough, but the fact that they had an actual hook hand from the 19th century was pretty damn cool.


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