Monday, July 07, 2008

what's Simlish for "POÄNG"?

Video games pride themselves on escapism. Tired of sitting around in your crappy little apartment with your crappy IKEA furniture and no friends? Play games! Try out the violent amorality of GTA4's Liberty City. Want something more cinematic? Check out the rich dialogue trees of something like Mass Effect. Prefer God-type sim games? How about The Sims?

Yes, jump into the world of The Sims and you can furnish your own house with all kinds of wacky things! Want a pool? You got it! Want leopard print walls? No problem! Want a house full of IKEA furniture? Done!


Something went wrong here with the escapism.


EmoRiot said...

The Onion did a funny video about a "new game sequel" called World of World of Warcraft where gamers play gamers playing WOW.

Check it, foo'.

Bug said...

My favorite part was the little text overlay that said "Players will be allowed to make characters drink soda, eat hot pockets."

The Keri said...

I'm addicted to The Sims 2. >_<