Sunday, July 13, 2008

feel like I was socked in the head

Ugh. Horrible night's sleep last night. A few months ago, I had one of the most vivid and terrifying dreams I've ever had. I dreamt about nuclear war, the end of human civilization, and the aftermath for the few survivors. It was terrifying. I spent days trying to get the images out of my head and trying to forget the sheer terror I felt in the dream.

Lucky me, I had the same dream again last night, only this time I knew everything that was going to happen because I'd dreamt it before. I got to wander through the dream frantically looking for cover, hiding in concrete basements, crying because I didn't know where Amanda was and yet knew everything that was going to happen while being powerless to stop anything.

And lucky me, reliving one fucked-up dream wasn't enough, so my brain started to string together a long chain of previous nightmares I've had just to make my night all the more special.

I woke up at one point with my heart racing and panting from fear. Lucky for me, everything picked back up again as soon as I fell back asleep.

I'm so wiped out this morning. I feel like I need 8 more hours of sleep.

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