Friday, June 15, 2007

second-hand weekend

Other than sounding like the crappy title of a Jackson Browne album, this post's title actually is all about our big garage sale we're having this weekend.

Since we moved in together two years ago, Amanda and I have been stepping around a bunch of duplicates of stuff - things we each had in our old apartments that we now find we have two of. We're tired of stepping around them.

Add to that old stuff we want to try and get rid of and some stuff neither of us even remembers how it got into our apartment, and you've got yourself a handy little garage sale this weekend.

Should be interesting. I've never had a garage sale before. The closest I've ever come was the time my mom decided that Ry and I had too many books (??) and that we should load them into our little red wagon and walk around the neighborhood trying to sell them to grown-ups. Needless to say, not too many grown-ups wanted to buy used copies of 5 year-olds' books. Go figure.

Anyway, I hope to have better luck tomorrow. Hopefully I won't have to trudge off with a red wagon this time.


EmoRiot said...

My most demoralizing garage sale moment:

In sweden, lisa cleaned out her storage space and set up a table out in the village square to sell her stuff. It's a weekend tradition that many people do. Sales were going along with the usual insane markdown that goes with these sort of sales. You generally expect to get 1% of the value of whatever you're selling (maybe more). But this one lady walked up and wanted to buy a set of wooden salad forks and spoons lisa had. There were about 10 total spoon/forks. She asked how much and lisa said "10 kronor." (1 dollar) The lady replied "5 kronor." (50 cents)

Now this lady was a crabby bitch from the get go. Imagine haggling with the mom from "Throw Momma From the Train."

Lisa said "*sigh*... fine, 5 kronor." The lady gave her the 5 kronor and wakled away with her spoons. She didn't get more than 5 steps when she turned around and walked up and said "Nevermind. I don't want them."

Lisa said "*sigh*... fine, here's your 5 kronor."

And then the lady said "I gave you 10."

An argument ensued where the lady was honestly trying to scam lisa out of 50 cents.

Enjoy the weekend! :P

Bug said...

Wheeee!! Can't wait!