Wednesday, June 06, 2007


That's how much my freaking lame-o red light ticket cost me.

That seem extortionate to me. Has it served as some sort of lesson to make me drive safer? No. I don't think I made a mistake in the first place.

The only thing it taught me is that that cop is a dick.


EmoRiot said...

Why don't you fight it? Plead not guilty. For one, you might win. For two, the cop just might not show up and you win also. For three, the judge will sometimes likely reduce the overall fine a huge amount.

I had a fix-it ticket that I forgot to pay on time and I ended up getting a warrant for failure to appear (warrant sounds scary but it's basically like getting a ticket from the court). The fine was for 750 dollars! That's up from 10 for the fix-it ticket. I went to court and basically admitted guilt in not taking care of it early enough but asked for mercy from the court on the fine. The judge charged me 10 bucks for the original ticket and 50 bucks for the court costs. 60 bucks down from 750.

Worth a shot, right?

Bug said...

Because today was the last possible day to fight it. With all of the long nights and weekends I've worked over the last few weeks, I lost site of it. Then, when I got in my car today, I happened to suddenly remember, looked at the ticket, and saw that it said "By before or on 6/6/7."

That's why I had to just pay it.